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Stone deposites

Rosso Santiago Granite

Rosso Santiago Granite Granite

Granite of the Kapustynske deposit (Rosso Santiago) is the most popular stone among Ukrainian granites. Often this type of granite is used for...

Rosso Toledo GR8 Granite

Rosso Toledo GR8 Granite Granite

Granite of the Omelyanivske deposit is mined in Ukraine in the Zhytomyr region. This granite deposit is popular due to its unique red-brown color,...

Leopard GG1 Granite

Leopard GG1 Granite Granite

Brusylovsky granite, very durable and well tolerates weather disasters. Tabletops are made from it for private kitchens and restaurants, steps for...

Leopard GG1a Granite

Leopard GG1a Granite Granite

Korninsky granite is the commercial name of Leopard. It is widely used as a material for floor slabs, facade, paving areas. The stone is in demand...

Ukrainian Autumn GP7 Granite

Ukrainian Autumn GP7 Granite Granite

Granite Vasylivsky, Ukrainian Autumn. This stone is appreciated for the originality of the drawing, durability and strength. Vasylivsky granite is...

Grey Ukraine GG2 Granite

Grey Ukraine GG2 Granite Granite

Granite of the Pokostivske deposit has the commercial name Gray Ukraine. The stone has a fine-grained structure, consisting of a combination of...

Carpazi GR7 Granite

Carpazi GR7 Granite Granite

Tokovsky granite, trademark - Carpazi. Among the shades there are red brown with the addition of white, black and brown. This stone is a...

Maple Red Gr6 Granite

Maple Red Gr6 Granite Granite

Leznykivsky granite, commercial name Maple Red. This granite is characterized by a bright red color with shades of orange and pink. This feature...

Labradorite Volga Blue

Labradorite Volga Blue Labradorite

Labradorite Volga Blue is our traditional offer. It has a lighter black and green background with blue spots. The material has a coarse-grained...

Labradorite PolarNight

Labradorite PolarNight Labradorite

Labradorite PolarNight is an excellent material for kitchens and bathrooms, interiors and exterior cladding, residential and office premises. It...

Labradorite Extra Blue

Labradorite Extra Blue Labradorite

Labradorite Extra Blue is our ongoing offer. It has a darker black background with blue spots. The material has a coarse-grained structure, and...

Labradorite Oliva

Labradorite Oliva Labradorite

OLIVA is an elegant dark green stone with large turquoise-blue crystals. . Физико-механические...

Labradorite Ocean

Labradorite Ocean Labradorite

OCEAN is a premium silvery black stone with lots of large blue crystals. Физико-механические...